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Thread: Prop Selection? 16' Baja Outboard Merc 75 2 stroke

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    Prop Selection? 16' Baja Outboard Merc 75 2 stroke

    Hey everyone, first time one the forum and first time owning my own boat wohoo! I picked up a bit of a fixer upper and the project list continues to grow. Its a 1973 Baja 16SS (16') with a 2000 Mercury 75hp 2stroke classic. Most of the items that need to be addressed are small nickel and dime projects but altogether the boat runs fine, although it does seem a bit underpowered with the 75. This boat has proven to be difficult to find any info on but I believe it is rated up to a 150. If anyone has any experience with these boats any info would be greatly appreciated, I could use all the help I can get while restoring this thing. Any way the main question I need to address at this time is prop selection. I did a WOT test with it, 4000rpms at 30mph. Prop was a Stainless Merc Laser II 13.5 20P. Boat was slow to plane. Went to Dons Marine Salvage down by Largo FL and picked up a Merc Aluminum 17P, but I screwed up and it turned out to be a 12.5" and obviously it cavitated above 2000rpm and the boat would not plane. Ive been on Merc's site using their prop size calculator and depending on what type of performance you're looking for there are different results. Desired WOT RPM range is 4750-5250, I would like to get a prop that gives me overall good performance, here are mercy's suggestions. [SpitFire® Mercalloy 4Blade 13" 17P RH 8M8026590] [Trophy® Plus Stainless Steel 4Blade 13.75" 17P RH 825930A46] [Vengeance® Stainless Steel 3Blade 13.125" 16P RH 16986A46]
    [Vengeance® Stainless Steel 3Blade 13.125" 17P RH 854356A46]. Would 13"-13.75" be an appropriate diameter? And does 17p seem like a good place to start? Honestly I was thinking 16P, based on the WOT test with the 20P at 4000rpm and a 200rpm increase per 1" of pitch change a 16P would put me at 4800rpn which is within desired rpm range of 4750-5250. sorry for the long explanation guys, never picked out a prop before and its proving to be slightly more complicated than expected lol.
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