When your boat's engine will not turn over you may need to jump start the boat battery. Jump starting a boat battery is actually much easier than you might imagine and it is very similar to jump starting your car.

Tools Needed:
- Fresh battery or source
- Jumper cables
- Work gloves

Step 1 - Check the Battery
If you are having trouble with your boat starting then you will probably think of the battery as the culprit. First check that there is nothing from stopping the battery from working properly. Check that nothing is blocking the connections, and that all of the wires are intact and in good condition.

Step 2 - Safety Check
Before you jump start your boat you need to make sure that every single electrical appliance on your boat is switched off.
- Turn off all of these electrical appliances so that nothing is using the battery.
- To jump start your boat you can either use a car battery or another boat.

Step 3 - Jump Starting
- Connect the terminals of the battery together, but make sure you do not connect the 2 leads to one another.
- Wait a few minutes to allow the battery to get some charge again.
- Turn the key in your boat as normal and the engine should start.
- Disconnect the leads and the battery should charge up as normal.