Honda outboards are very considerate of their owners. The raw water manifold has a connector on the forward, starboard side of the motor's power head that allows you to use a garden hose to connect one of your outdoor water spigots directly to the raw water system (the cooling system that picks up water from the lake, river or ocean you are operating in to cool the motor) to flush the salt, grit and marine life from the motor's cooling system with little fuss or bother.

Tools Needed:
- Garden hose


1. Turn the ignition to the "on" position. Toggle the motor's tilt control downward, from the vertical, to allow the flushing water to exit through the raw water discharge around the propeller. Turn the ignition off and remove the emergency stop switch clip from the throttle group to prevent starting.

2. Lift the motor latch cover, located on the back of the motor, to the open position. Lift the cover upward without tilting it and set it aside.

3. Disconnect the flush plug connector from the raw water manifold on the front-starboard side of the motor. Screw the male end of a garden hose into the flush plug connector and turn on the water.

4. Flush the motor for at least 10 minutes. While the raw water system is somewhat charged during flushing, the hose will not provide enough cooling capacity to run the motor.

5. Turn off the garden hose and disconnect it from the flushing connector. Reconnect the flushing connector to the motor's raw water system and replace the motor cover. Roll and store the garden hose.