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Thread: 185 boats and counting!! List of boats going to Key West on the poker run!

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    185 boats and counting!! List of boats going to Key West on the poker run!

    Many Thanks to the group of people joining us to celebrate our 25th anniversary of the Key West Poker Run!

    ACTIVE THUNDER Pat Haughey
    ADRENALINE Powerboats Michael Layton
    BLACKWATER Terry Sobo
    Center for Spine & Orthop Dr. Michael Janssen
    DEEP IMPACT Mark Fischer
    EG VODKA Marty Krytus
    FACTORY BILLET Jim Schultz
    Grove Harbour Marina Alan Lima
    HARDIN MARINE Scott Price
    LIBERTY COACH Gary Patterson
    MERCURY RACING Rick Mackie
    MTI Tim Gallagher
    NOR-TECH Trond Schou
    OUTERLIMITS Dan / Joe Kleitz / Sgro
    Performance Boat Center Brett Manire
    SCI David Tievy
    SV Yachts Nikolai Sass
    WILSON CUSTOM MARINE Mark / Kate Wilson

    Boats attending:
    30' Active Thunder ACTIVE THUNDER V Sponsor Pat & Diane from FL
    32' Active Thunder LIKES IT ROUGH V Joseph from OH
    47' Adrenaline ADRENALINE Powerboats V Sponsor Michael from GA
    53' Airborne BLUE HOUR TEQUILA Catamaran Mark from Canada
    41' Apache APACHE PERFORMANCE V Ed & Surey from FL
    36' Apache HOLLOW POINT V Andy from MD
    25' Baja CHASE TIME V David from GA
    36' Baja JOINT VENTURE V John & Melissa from FL
    35' Baja RAGIN' BAJA V Troy from FL
    46' Black Thunder BEST DAY EVER V Craig from MO
    43 Blackwater BLACKWATER Center Con Sponsor Terry from FL
    36' Cigarette Catamaran Sponsor Brett from MO
    41' Cigarette CIGARETTE RACING TEAM Center Con Sponsor Skip from FL (20 Cigarettes so far)
    41' Cigarette Performance Boat Center V Sponsor Brett from MO
    38' Cigarette TEAM GERMANY V Marcus from Germany
    38' Cigarette Cigarette Racing V Mike from IL
    39' Cigarette DRINK ABOUT IT V Jerry & Charmaine from MI
    38' Cigarette GREECE LIGHTNING V Dr Ino from FL
    39' Cigarette HIDDEN DAMAGE Center Con Jeff & Brenda from MA
    36' Cigarette HOUSE PARTY V Don from KY
    42' Cigarette INSTIGATOR V Mike & Susan from GA
    50' Cigarette MILAGROS V Tom & Cheryl from GA
    39' Cigarette NO DISCIPLINE V Jeff & Heather from MI
    38' Cigarette OFFSHORE THERAPY V Dwane & Wendy from OH
    42' Cigarette OPA! Center Con Tom from PA
    42' Cigarette PLAN B Center Con Derek from OK
    38' Cigarette SMOKIN HOT V Anthony from VA
    41' Cigarette SUM BEACH Center Con Scott & Stacy from IL
    39' Cigarette THE CIG Center Con James from KS
    39' Cigarette TT PROGRAM Yacht Bob from FL
    42' Cigarette X-SCAPE from NY V Sal from NY
    32' Concept GREEN CARD V Ron from FL
    39' Deep Impact DEEP IMPACT Center Con Sponsor Mark & Eileen from FL
    36' Deep Impact BACK IN BLACK AGAIN Center Con Mike & Maggie from FL
    39' Deep Impact Deep Impact Center Con David & Lorie from MI
    36' Deep Impact DEEP IMPACT Center Con Robert & Jackie from FL
    39' Deep Impact KREWE de DOC Center Con Dr. Jason from FL
    36' Deep Impact LEO IV Center Con David from IL
    38' Donzi DONZI V Deris from FL
    38' Donzi DONZI GIRL V Chris from VT
    38' Donzi GOING TOPLESS V Chris from AR
    32' Doug Wright DOUG WRIGHT Catamaran Stephen & Ashley from CT
    32' Doug Wright DOUG WRIGHT Catamaran Edward & Aimy from NY
    37' Formula BENNY TIME V Jeffrey from NH
    38' Formula FIREBALL V Andrew Jeff from FL
    35' Formula UNDERDOG V Frank Sr & Frank Jr from NJ
    35' Formula YEAH BABY V Francis from CT
    42' Fountain SCI V Sponsor David from MD
    42' Fountain PAIN RELIEF V Chris & Jennifer from Canada
    35' Fountain ADJOURNMENT V Bill from NY
    38' Fountain BFORE U- FOUNTAIN V Brian & Danni from NC
    42' Fountain DA DANIMAL V Daniel from IN
    35' Fountain FOUNTAIN V Larry & Sandy from IN
    Fountain FOUNTAIN V Brandon from
    48' Fountain MISS GRACE Cruiser Mat & Ann Marie from NC
    42' Fountain MY DREAM V Adam from IN
    38' Fountain NSF V Mike & Holly from NC
    42' Fountain RETAINAGE V Noel & Gretchen from FL
    48' Fountain SPEC OPS Cruiser David from MD
    42' Fountain SPLITTIN 10'$ V Kyle from OK
    42' Fountain THE ANIMALS V Josh & Terri Anne from KS
    42' Fountain WORKING ON IT V George & Carre from TX
    97' Hargrave THE PROGRAM Yacht Bob from FL
    50' Hustler CARPE DIEM V Roy from IN
    38' Hustler CHASE-IN-RAYS V Allen from NY
    53' Hydrasport EG VODKA Center Con Sponsor Marty from FL
    53' Hydrasport HYDRA SPORTS CUSTOM Center Con Sponsor Elias from FL
    42' Hydrasport A.D.D FISHING Center Con Chris from FL
    53' Hydrasport GOTCHA Center Con William from WI
    84' Lazzara Grove Harbour Marina Yacht Sponsor Alan from FL
    43' Midnight Express MIDNIGHT EXPRESS Center Con Sponsor Eric & Maggie from FL
    43' Midnight Express MIDNIGHT EXPRESS Center Con David from TX
    52' MTI BLACK DIAMOND Catamaran Derek from OK
    52' MTI SPOOLED UP Catamaran Craig from WA
    52' MTI TEAM RIVA Catamaran Asbjorn & Abe from FL
    48' MTI MTI Catamaran Mark from Canada
    48' MTI MTI Catamaran Fred & Judy from SC
    48' MTI VENGEFUL Catamaran John from NY
    48' MTI WINDSHIP Catamaran John from GA
    48' MTI WIRED UP Catamaran Jake and Gina from OK
    44' MTI JACK Catamaran Jack from Switzerland
    42' MTI BEST OF TIMES V Center Con Jerry from TX
    42' MTI CAT NAP Catamaran Zane & Amanda from TX
    42' MTI MTI-V Center Con Bob & Charlene from MA
    42' MTI NOTORIOUS Center Con Tom from NY
    40' MTI DISTANT THUNDER Catamaran David & Lisa from TX
    40' MTI MTI Catamaran Adam & Cathy from CA
    40' MTI WIDE OPEN Catamaran Loren from MO
    34' MTI DIAMOND EXPRESS 34 Catamaran Derek from OK
    34' MTI MTI Catamaran John from NY
    34' MTI MTI Catamaran Sponsor Tim from MO (19 MTI so far)
    44' Mystic HABITUAL Catamaran Chad & Heather from TN
    42' Mystic BODACIOUS, TOO Center Con H. Neil & Cindy from TN
    42' Mystic CRESCENDO Center Con Jimmy & Gina from CA
    42' Mystic DARANA Center Con Darryl from TN
    42' Mystic HARD WAYS Center Con Scott & Allison from GA
    42' Mystic MYSTIC Center Con Dan & Lisa from MI
    42' Mystic MYSTIC Center Con Scott from IL
    42' Mystic TEAM JENNY Center Con Elliot & Erica from IL
    43' Nordic NORDIC Catamaran Michael from CA
    56' Nor-Tech NO LIMIT Center Con Eskil from Norway
    52' Nor-Tech OFFLEASEONLY.COM V Sponsor Mark & Eileen from FL
    47' Nor-Tech NO AGENDA V Brian & Karen from NH
    47' Nor-Tech ROCK n TACO V Brad from GA
    43' Nor-Tech FOR MY GIRLS II V Stephen from NY
    43' Nor-Tech MY DIAMOND V Garry & Nancy from ME
    43' Nor-Tech WAY NUTZ Catamaran Hugh from FL
    39' Nor-Tech NOR-TECH Center Con Sponsor Trond from FL (21 Nor-Tech so far)
    39' Nor-Tech THE STOOGES Center Con Pierre & Meghan from CANADA
    39' Nor-Tech EASY MONEY II Center Con Roger & Pam from TX
    39' Nor-Tech HELL BENT Center Con Greg from LA
    39' Nor-Tech NOR-TECH Center Con Andre from FL
    39' Nor-Tech NOR-TECH 390 Center Con Jimmie from FL
    39' Nor-Tech RAISERS EDGE Center Con Dave from FL
    39' Nor-Tech RATED G V Joe & Nikole from MI
    39' Nor-Tech ROAD WARRIOR Center Con Jim from TX
    39' Nor-Tech ROOSTER TAIL V Rick from OH
    39' Nor-Tech SLOW BOAT Center Con Ron & Jane from MI
    39' Nor-Tech WIDE OPEN Center Con Ed & Jacquie from FL
    39 Nor-Tech SOMETHING'S BREWING Center Con Hal & Missy from MI
    34' Nor-Tech NOR-TECH Center Con Dave from PA
    53' Outerlimits Center for Spine & Orthop V Sponsor Dr. Michael from CO
    52' Outerlimits FAST LANE V Lane & Chris from TX
    51' Outerlimits FACTORY BILLET V Sponsor Jim from IL
    50' Outerlimits OUTERLIMITS V Sponsor Dan / Joe from RI (16 Outerlimits so far)
    50' Outerlimits GOLDDIGGER Catamaran David & Jenny from MD
    50' Outerlimits HURRY UP!!! V Laurie & Jason from WA
    50' Outerlimits OUTLAW Catamaran John from CA
    50' Outerlimits POOR DIRT FARMER V Richard from NY
    47' Outerlimits QUICK GET AWAY V William from NY
    46' Outerlimits STRESS RELIEF V Darren & Danielle from Canada
    44' Outerlimits BADA BING V Joseph & Christine from NY
    44' Outerlimits PROVOCATIVE V Mark from VA
    43' Outerlimits CAZZO VELOCE V Vinnie from WI
    40' Outerlimits NO DISCIPLINE V George from MA
    39' Outerlimits MEGAWATTS V Bruno & Rebecca from FL
    37' Outerlimits WATER WITCH V Shaun & Mary from MA
    33 Power Play OH FOR FIN'S SAKE Center Con JT & Brenda from TX
    33' Powerplay SEAPHORIA Center Con Anton from FL
    33' Powerplay X MUSCLE V Mark from FL
    38' Powerquest ALMOST ILLEGAL V Justin from MI
    44' Predator PREDATOR V Andree from Norway
    34' Saber SABER V Jamie & Megan from MI
    46' Skater DEAL WITH IT Catamaran Steve from MI
    46' Skater TOMCAT V Todd from MI
    44' Skater FAST MONEY Catamaran Shane from LA
    42' Skater 1YR SKATER Catamaran Don from MI
    40' Skater DISRUPTOR Catamaran Curtis from FL
    40' Skater DOUBLE D Catamaran Tony / Don from MI
    40' Skater DOWNTOWN1 Catamaran Matt/Kenny from KY
    40' Skater FAST GLASS Catamaran Ken & Faye from TX
    40' Skater SAVAGE Catamaran Cole from CA
    38' Skater AWESOME MOTORSPORTS Catamaran Joseph from NY
    38' Skater MILLER TIME Catamaran Chris from FL
    38' Skater Pure Platinum Catamaran Michael & Nicolle from LA
    38' Skater RAINMAKER Catamaran Chris & Angela from TX
    36' Skater CRISIS MANAGEMENT Catamaran Chris from NY
    36' Skater DIRTY MONEY Catamaran Beau and Tiffiney from GA
    36' Skater WHITE LIGHTING V Travis from MO
    32' Skater SKATER Catamaran Robert from FL
    30' Skater WOZENCRAFT Catamaran Lunch Sponsor Devin from CA
    28' Skater FREEDOM 28 Catamaran James E. from KS
    28' Skater SKATER Catamaran Greg from NH
    36' Sonic ON THE ROCKS Center Con John & Tracy from NJ
    27' Southbay no Neal & Melinda from NE
    32' Spectre SPECTRE Catamaran Christopher from FL
    35' Statement! ALL NIGHT LONG Center Con Ron & Elaine from FL
    38' Statement! CALI Center Con Chet & Cindy from CA
    38' Statement! CROSSLAKE CREW Center Con Jesse & Stephanie from MN
    38' Statement! GRAND LAKE'S HCMC Center Con Tonya & Stache from OK
    38' Statement! TIME CONSCIOUS Center Con Rocco(Andrew) and Danielle from NH
    34' Sunsation SUNSATION POWERBOATS V Sponsor Jared & Heather from IA
    36' Sunsation BAR-NONE V Tom from MI
    34' Sunsation DISCRETE Center Con Adam from MI
    36' Sunsation SUNSATION 36 V Jorge & Ann from FLAttachment 67310
    38' SV YACHTS SV YACHTS V Nikolai from FL
    65' Viking RED HEAD YACHT CLUB Yacht Mark from MO
    90' Yacht NEXTERAPOWERMARKETING Yacht Sponsor Mark from FL
    110' YACHT CRESENDO Yacht Jimmy & Gina from CA
    70' Azumit DV8 Yacht John from CA
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    Wow, what a list. Safe travels, fair winds and following seas to you all.
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    We are still here at the office accepting registrations & fixing the list above which has a couple of errors! THANKS FOR SENDING ME THE UPDATES!!

    If you have any questions, please call us at 954-545-1414
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    Grand prize winner! This silver Mustang Convertable from OffLease
    or a $20,000 voucher towards any car in their inventory!
    Good Luck!
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    If I had a bucket list, this run would be at the top.

    One year Jackie, one year...
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    It's a fun group of people in a fun town! Hope to have you with us next year Dan!!!

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