2017 Toys Tour
Please take notice that this event is a toy collection drive. This event is not a race nor a speed event . There are NO special safety provisions at thsi event . The Operater of all boats will operate their boats in accordance with all laws pretaining to safe boating. The operater of the boat is responcable for the safe operation of their boat and also responsable for any insidents or accidents involving their boat and the saftey of is crew. The operater of the boat will have proper registation and proper saftey equipment. The operater will have the proper insurance or the ability to act as self insured. I will not hold responsable any persons associated with the production of this event . I am resposable for my own actions or miss actions


Address___________________________________________ _

City____________________ State _________

Home Phone __________________Cell________________


Nick name/screen name_______________________________

Type of boat _________________________________________